What Is Asset Protection?

Asset Protection is proactive legal planning to protect your assets from lawsuits and creditor claims.

The goal of Asset Protection is to employ techniques to limit creditors access to both your personal and business assets.  The key to successful Asset Protection is planning before the need arises, you must be proactive.  Common Asset Protection strategies include corporations, partnerships, trusts, and other various entities.  Asset and Estate Law will assess your risk and tailor the proper plan for you and your business.

Integrate your Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Estate Planning and Asset Protection in conjunction with each other ensure that your assets are protected both while you are alive, and after your passing. At the core of proper planning, it is imperative that you integrate your Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Financial Planning, and Tax Planning.  Protect your assets and ensure your family’s future by contacting Assets and Estates today for your estate planning and asset protection needs.  

What do you need protection from:



Lawsuit Claimants


It’s easy to think that it won’t happen to you

Often times people believe the misconception that Asset Protection is only for the wealthy.  Or they believe they are risk adverse and simply they won’t be the one to get sued.  However, with an average of 40 million lawsuits filed each year in the United State alone, you are at risk.  Especially in light of difficult current economic times, you must protect your Assets from lawsuits and creditor claims.  


Of business owners in America lose asset related lawsuits

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